Vegan Preschool? So cool!

Check out this video and article from the Wall-Street Journal about a preschool in Scandinavia that teaches children vegan cooking!

The school serves only vegan meals and the kids learn how to grow and cook their own healthy food.

This is a gentle place where 92 children play barefoot to feel a connection to their environment and the air often smells like peppermint or citrus from aromatherapy. Classrooms have bowls of pine cones, seashells and rocks for toys. Some chairs are sawed-off tree stumps.

Doesn’t that sound so fun? Seems like a wonderful place to send your children.

It reminded me of this video about a Japanese school where the kids also grow and cook their own food. Not vegan but still a really interesting idea.

Helping kids grow their own food and cook with it! What a great way to teach them about healthy eating. One of my teachers from culinary school volunteered with a program that did this called Growing Chefs. Pretty cool.

Heck I’m 27 and I wish I could learn more about growing my own food! When I visit my mum (who does have a yard and a garden) we can sometimes make an entire meal or salad fresh from the garden. Of course condo life in downtown Toronto isn’t super garden-friendly but I at least have some herbs growing on the windowsill for now, and I want to try growing my own sprouts soon – I’ll report back on that later.

Do you grow your own food? Ever heard of a cool school program that teaches kids all about cooking and eating healthy (and vegan )? Let me know in the comments.

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