Veg Food Fest 2016

Yay it’s Veg Food Fest time again! September 9-11 at the Harbourfront Centre, you TOO can join a huge obnoxious crowd of people and annoy others with your bad manners, line cutting and extremely slow inconvenient walking! All for the low, low price of free admission!

veg food fest 16 field roast samples |

Seriously, if you get on over to the harbourfront now you could push your way into a long, poorly-formed, slow-moving line to get a sample of some tasty Field Roast veggie burgers. That’s what some cranky old Chinese lady behind us did, and she got into a fight with the fat old white guy she tried to cut in front of.

Veg Food Fest 16 Field Roast Burger |

The burger samples were tasty but I’ll never get those 5 minutes of my life back that were spent listening to that woman’s shrill bitching. It was really cool that they had Field Roast Chao cheese though! If you haven’t tried Chao slices you really should get on that! They’re really delicious vegan cheese slices you can get at Whole Foods. If you think you hate vegan cheese because you’ve tried Daiya, don’t worry, because they don’t have the same taste or texture at all. (Personally I don’t hate Daiya but I know it’s nothing like real cheese)


Anyway you could also come for samples of other things. Like samples of these vegan ice creams. Since the festival is free I think most of the people obnoxiously blocking other people’s way around all the booths and tables were just lurking around trying to get as many free samples from as many places as possible. I mean, can I complain about this behaviour? I don’t know. I like a free sample as much as the next person. But I’m also not the type of jerk-off to be blocking everyone’s way while I’m hunting my samples down. For example if I know I’m not trying to spend money on something, I stay out of the way of people who might actually spend money. In other words, I typically try to stay aware of my surroundings, especially when in a large crowded area. The same can’t be said for all the other people moseying around the harbourfront center during any of these random little festivals they throw during the summer. (It’s not a Veg Food Fest thing. It’s a festivals-in-general thing, I’ve found. Especially in Toronto.)


Samples of Tofurky Ground Chorizo – not bad!


Bunner’s had some amazing-looking vegan cupcakes – Chocolate potato chips, s’mores, funfetti, pizza buns… Yum

Cosmic Treats had some amaaazing looking treats


Vegan candy bars – I wish I could have tried them all.

Seriously, if you’re going to Veg Food Fest you need to buy some Nuts for Cheese cashew cheese! We sampled a couple and bought three cheeses for $25! Great deal!


There was quite a crowd to try the cashew cheese samples there. Everything was really great and I’m glad I could pick some up at such a great price! We bought chipotle cheddar, artichoke and herb and un-brie-lievable.

The Apiecalypse Now! food tent was actually our last and most important destination. We tried stopping by the shop near Christie Station on Friday only to see a sign saying they would be at the Food Fest all weekend! We had a craving for killer vegan pizza and Simpsons donuts so we knew we had to stop by to get a slice.


We decided to go for two $5 slices – Zachos, which had sweet chili heat doritos, black beans, sour cream, cherry tomatoes, green onions (basically your standard nachos toppings), and Fat Mac which was basically a vegan Big Mac on a pizza, with hamburger meat, lettuce, thousand island dressing and cheese sauce. Soooo goooood.

Both were completely amazing. I’m going to have to start adding sweet chili heat doritos to all my pizzas now. I used to love adding nachos to my pizza in high school and college, it’s a great combination of textures. You really can’t go wrong with an extra hit of salty/crunchy flavour on almost any food either

I would have to say though, that between these two slices the Fat Mac was the winner. Really great taste and it was LOADED with toppings.


We also added a couple of vanilla and chocolate dunkaroo cookie sandwiches ($4 each) to our order, along with a fresh tasty Simpsons donut ($3) which are only made on Fridays and Saturdays. So good.
Overall I would say the Veg Food Fest isn’t doing too bad considering this is only the second year they’ve been running. Things certainly seemed to be going a little better this year compared to last. However there’s just way too many slow-moving, obnoxious, rude people crowding this place up. I get it, it’s a nice Saturday in downtown Toronto and people want to crowd around in the hot sun to get some samples of things they’re never going to buy.

I almost wish there WAS some kind of entrance fee to keep out the fricking rubberneckers that could give less of a crap that this was a vegetarian/vegan food festival. ANY amount of money is bound to keep out the people that are just there to clog the place up for no reason, and the money could be donated to animal rescue for all I care.

But that’s just my crappy attitude because I hate being surrounded by people stepping all over each other while it’s boiling hot outside. I still had a great time and I’ll still go back next year. But I’ll probably still be grumbling about it.

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