Tofurky Pepp’roni Pockets

Tofurky hot pockets????? YAAAAS! That’s what I’m talking about!

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I love eating fresh, raw produce for a meal as much as the next vegan, but man, some times you just want to chow down on some nostalgic, processed, super-lazy junk food. Like those times when you get home from a crazy day at work and can’t even think straight. When its time to just laze on the couch in your sweatpants and have a beer and frozen dinner when you get home. That’s what these are for.

Tofurky Pocket with Box |

Actually I think they make a good lunch too, I eat these when I just don’t feel like making something, but want to eat something super easy when I’m writing or derping around on the internet. (Watching videos on YouTube is like my guilty pleasure when I’m home for the day, especially while I’m eating)

Tofurky Pocket |

I just wanted to share these with you guys to let you know – THEY ARE NOT GROSS! They are actually pretty tasty! I think they’re a wonderful alternative to regular pizza pops or whatever greasy omnivore crap you’re into. And they’re even kinda fancy for what they are. They have a nice flakey crust and the filling is actually pretty tasty. I’ve only tried the pepp’roni flavour so far, there are also “BBQ Chick’n” and “Turk’y Broccoli and Cheddar” flavours which I definitely want to try out. I love Tofurky brand so whenever I see something tasty and vegan from them in my local Whole Foods store (or anywhere) I always want to try it out. Tofurky also makes great vegan pizzas too! (WITH vegan cheese!) And they’re good!

Tofurky Pocket Bitten |

The filling is really good! I love keeping a box of these in the freezer. And throwing them in the microwave is as easy as it gets. (I like to microwave them according to the directions, then toast them in my toaster oven for another 2-3 minutes to get them a pretty golden-brown colour on the outside. Food tastes better when it looks better )

And just so you know, I was NOT paid for this post (I will put a disclaimer at the top for any paid content if a brand does decide to work with me), I just sincerely like these things. Check ’em out next time you see them in your grocery store or Whole Foods. They’re tasty!

Drop a comment to let me know if you like these vegan hot pockets too.

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