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Scrambled Tofu Breakfast |

There’s nothing like a delicious, nutritious breakfast to ease your way into a relaxing weekend. I wanted to try out this recipe for scrambled tofu I found in Kathy Patalsky’s Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen cookbook.
Making the tofu was surprisingly easy and tasty. As a former egg-lover I was hoping I would be able to find a good replacement for eggs that was just as easy and satisfying. It turns out scrambled tofu is an amazing substitute, and is really filling, healthy and protein-rich.

Crumbled Tofu |

Since going vegan I’ve been incorporating so much more tofu into my life and loving it! My first experience with tofu was quite frankly, very disgusting, bordering on scarring  so I totally understand why some people would be hesitant to eat it regularly or even try it. I tried tofu when I was about 12 or 13, I had heard that it was a popular food in Japan and wanted to try it. This was before I ever went vegan or vegetarian, I was just curious about trying new foods, and to a kid growing up in a small, boring city, tofu was pretty exotic.

I asked my mum to buy me some tofu and cook it for me. Of course, she had NO IDEA how to cook it or what to do with it, but she likes to try new foods as well and is a very adventurous eater so we did go to the grocery store and buy a package of medium-firm tofu together. Well, she tried cooking it the only way she could think of. By cutting it in huge chunks, throwing it in a frying pan and drowning it in cheap VH brand soy sauce.

OH MY GOD! I can’t even explain how disgusting it was! Of course we went out of our way to buy the tofu and make it so she forced me to at least finish my serving. I don’t think I was able to take more than two bites without gagging! It was sooooo nasty! I laugh every time I think back to this experience but at the time I was so incredibly disgusted I vowed never to eat tofu EVER AGAIN. Clearly it was one of the most disgusting foods on the planet!

Textbook Tofu Press |

My $150 tofu press

Many years later, after I had been vegetarian for a few years (avoiding tofu the whole time), I visited a little hole in the wall Japanese noodle shop with my mum while she visited me at University. I ordered a vegetarian noodle soup dish, and it was served with deep-fried tofu on top. I was a little hesitant to try, but when I did I realized tofu can be so delicious if you just cook it the right way! It tasted so meaty, juicy and delicious, crispy on the outside and melt in your mouth soft on the inside.

To this day my mum remembers that trip to the noodle shop very fondly, and often asks if I’m going to deep fry my tofu when I mention I’m planning on making some. Deep-fried or fried tofu tastes so good over noodles in a stir-fry, but that’s a post for another day.

Scramble Tofu Breakfast Ingredients |

This breakfast tofu is amazing too, and I hope you’ll try it out. You may have to go out of your way to pick up some turmeric like I did. It really helps give it that appetizing, yellow, egg-like colour.

Scrambled Tofu Sauce |

Easiest sauce ever – just use spices, nooch and water and whisk.

I found these SoL Cuisine brand Veggie Breakfast Sausages at Whole Foods and thought I would try them out as well. They were totally overshadowed by the scrambled tofu, however.

SoL Breakfast Sasuage Packaging |

The breakfast sausages were honestly a little dry and not too flavourful, but they did have a beautiful, realistic golden-brown look to them once cooked. I thought they tasted pretty good with some mustard, and they would go well with ketchup, Sriracha or salsa if that’s what your into. But to be honest I probably won’t be buying them again in the near future. Next time I make a nice vegan fry-up for brekkie I plan on trying some tempeh bacon strips.

To balance out all the savoury flavours in this breakfast I added a piece of The Big 16 Bread by Silver Hills Bakery, topped with some almond butter and raspberry jam. I am obsessed with Silver Hills products and find I can’t go back to basic white breads and bagels made with processed flour anymore. This brand is the bomb; their products are organic, vegan, GMO-free, and made from sprouted grains. With 16 types of sprouted seeds and grains in this bread, you are getting 6g of protein and 4g fiber with every slice. Amazing! And it tastes good, too. Check them out!

Vegan breakfast doesn’t have to just be plain fruit or granola and hemp milk. You can give up eggs and dairy and still have a luxurious, savoury, filling breakfast like this one. See for yourself – make this tasty tofu scramble and let me know what you think!

Scrambled Tofu |


Tofu Scramble Vegan Breakfast
Recipe type: Breakfast
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1 serving
  • 12 ounces firm or extra firm tofu (drained and crumbled)
  • Light tasting cooking oil
  • 1 teaspoon vegan buttery spread
  • ½ cup diced onion
  • Other veggies (mushrooms, bell peppers, carrots, scallions, etc.) optional – I added cherry tomatoes and frozen corn
  • 1 cup chopped greens, such as fresh baby spinach, kale or chard
  • ½ cup nutritional yeast
  • ½ to 1 teaspoon ground turmeric
  • Other spices as desired (chili powder, cumin, white pepper, sea salt, cayenne)
  • Optional add-ins: vegan cheese shreds, Tempeh bacon bits, few pinches freshly grated orange zest, grade B maple syrup, tamari/soy sauce, black salt or truffle salt, ume vinegar)
  1. Drain the tofu of excess water by wrapping with a kitchen towel or paper towel and covering with cutting board with something heavy on top. I used a heavy textbook and let it sit for a few minutes.
  2. Add light tasting or flavoured cooking oil to a nonstick pan or cast-iron skillet. Heat the pan over medium high heat. Add the vegan buttery spread. When the butter has melted and coats the pan, add the onion and any additional chopped veggies (if using). If the greens you’re using are hearty (like kale or chard) add them now. Cook the veggies until caramelized.
  3. Using your hands or a fork, crumble the tofu and add into the pan. Break apart any big pieces with a spatula. Flip and toss the tofu, continuing to cook for 2-3 minutes until it starts letting off steam, firming up and developing some colour.
  4. Drizzle with tamari and maple syrup if using.
  5. Add spices together in a small bowl with nutritional yeast and whisk with just enough water to form a thick sauce.
  6. Pour sauce over scrambled tofu, coating evenly. Cook until sauce thickens and evaporates.
  7. Fold in delicate greens like spinach in now, allowing hot pan and tofu to gently wilt. I added the cherry tomatoes and corn now as well.
  8. Taste tofu scramble and adjust seasoning as needed, may need more salt, nutritional yeast or white pepper. Top with vegan cheese like Daiya shreds if desired. Serve warm.



Preachy vegan moment: Did you know ONE single egg has more cholesterol than a double down sandwich from KFC? Check out Bite Size Vegan’s video for WAY more information about the lies and misinformation spread by the egg industry. It’s not even legal to call eggs “safe,” “healthy” or “nutritious” according to the UDSA! That’s because they aren’t! And that’s not even getting into the moral/ethical problems of eggs. Check out Erin Janus’s video for more information about the cruelty of factory-farmed eggs – and yes, even “free-range,” “organic,” “cage-free” eggs can be extremely cruel! Not to mention gross. Both videos are on the slightly longer side (about 20 minutes each) but entirely worth watching. If you have no idea where your eggs come from or what it takes to get them on your plate – do you really think you have a right to eat them?

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