The Beet Cafe

Beet Cafe Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl |

Mr. Spoon and I visited London, Ontario two weeks ago and hit up the London Food Fest

We had a tasty dinner in Victoria Park from The Beet Cafe booth – a pop-up restaurant that’s only open during festivals in London and run by Growing Chefs Ontario. Pretty cool!

I tried a Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl. It was really good and I felt extra healthy walking around eating kale and hemp seeds while being surrounded by deep fried food on all sides. (But don’t get me wrong, we had some deep fried junk and other snacks too)

Beet Cafe Menu |

Three choices of bowls, two sizes.

Beet Cafe Drinks Sign |

We tried a Booch ginger-flavoured organic kombucha. Booch is a local company in London.  It was really tasty. We’re totally on board with that kombucha trend – I’m brewing some in our kitchen right now.

Beet Cafe Sign with Pictures |

Mr. Spoon tried a pulled pork burrito bowl. He said it was very good but unfortunately had some cilantro in it which he doesn’t like.

Beet Cafe Pulled Pork Box |

What a fun night! Veganism is really catching on, there were plenty of booths offering veggie options. And of course, cotton candy is always vegan…

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