Glassroots Visit

Mr. Spoon and I were visiting London, Ontario to attend our friends’ grand opening of their new lifestyle boutique on Dundas Street called Love Alchemy. We had a wonderful weekend and during our time in London we knew we had to visit Glassroots again for lunch!

We warmed up from the cold walk over with some hot mulled wine. Yum! Made us feel so cozy. (Drinking gløgg and feeling hygge is so trendy right now )

We decided to split a mammoth sized Everything Platter. Sooooo good. Holy smokes, people. You gotta go try this place if you haven’t already! As soon as the table next to us saw this come out of the kitchen they immediately stopped the server to ask if they can have what we’re having! And I can’t blame them!

Check this spread: (Clockwise from 12) House-made toasts, pickled beets and red onions, pickled carrot slices, we weren’t sure what the white one was (cauliflower spread? garlic? pate? sauerkraut? dunno but it was good), more toasts, candied orange and apple slices, Nuts for Cheese Super “Blue”, Un-Brie-Lievable and Chipotle “Cheddar” Wedge, olives, Field Roast sausage, pickled celery.

The pickled celery was soo tasty. What a great idea, I had never tried pickled celery before, but I love pickles and I love celery so I loved pickled celeries! So crisp and refreshing.

We scarfed this board down so fast! Even though we were pretty full after sharing a Large platter between the two of us, we wanted to try a few more things so we both ordered an entree as well. If we weren’t so dead set on having a cheese and charcuterie platter we could’ve opted to get a couple lunch combos which were a great deal. (I would say maybe next time, but I’d be lying… cause we love snacking on cheese, pickles, toasts and veggie sausages )

I ordered the Breaded Eggplant Sandwich on herbed focaccia. Heavenly. Perfect. Couldn’t be any tastier. I could only fit half the sandwich in my stomach so I brought the other half back to our hotel to have for breakfast the next day. So worth it.

Yesss yes look at that tasty crispy yet soft breaded eggplant, marinara sauce, melted mozzarella and fresh lettuce.

Mr. Spoon got the Chili Cheese Burrito. I tried a bite and it was really good! Nice smoky, cheesy flavour.

The menu at this place changes every single week – so if you wanted to eat what we had it’s already too late! But trust me that you CANNOT GO WRONG here with any choice you make. EVERYTHING is good. In fact, put yourself in the chef’s hands and order the tasting menu. Trust.

Great beverage menu! How did we ever pick what to drink? I could’ve gone for anything… White wine, Almost Famous Caesar, The Dude Abides, Booch Cocktail.. They all sound good!

So much vegan wine! And the only All-Canadian wine list in the city. That’s really cool.

Afterwards we headed to the Tea Haus to split a pot of Silver Needle (2 Doves) white tea at Covent Garden Market. It was very light with a hint of lemon aftertaste. Great tea. I’ve been getting pretty interested in teas lately and picked up a whole ton of samples from the Toronto Tea Festival last month – sheng and shu pu’ers, oolongs, white, black, green – you name it, I sampled it! Let me know if you guys are interested in high quality loose leaf teas, too and maybe I’ll eventually post about a few of my favourites.


These pictures don’t do the food justice…

Glassroots Cheese Plate |

Mr. Spoon and I were in London, ON earlier this month and were super excited to try out the coolest new restaurant in town – Glassroots! We started off with a cheese plate and charcuterie platter to share. These cheeses were fricking amazing. They were all totally vegan Nuts For Cheese cashew cheeses! When you go vegan you sometimes really miss just munching out on a big plate of cheese, pickles and bread. Well at Chef Yoda’s restaurant, you can do that! Everything on this board tasted incredible. I still have dreams about eating this cheese board. And you better believe I’m going back in a few months to do it again..

That combination of soft, creamy cheese on a crisp toasted baguette… Mmm.. You just have to try for yourself.

Glassroots Charcuterie Plate |

The charcuterie included (clockwise from 12) house-made red lentil pepperoni, baguette toasts, pickled beets, pickled garlic greens, mustard, field roast sausage and a nice green mushroom and garlic pate. Everything was so delicious. Even Mr. Spoon (a definite meat-eater) who tends to be very discerning about vegan meat whole-heartedly approved of the pepperoni and sausage. (And everything else on these boards)

Glassroots Charcuterie |

Those pickles tho That sausage I’m drooling just re-living the moments when I was eating this tasty food. Take me back!  I wish this restaurant existed back when I still lived in London so I could eat there all the time.

Glassroots Beet Burger |

I ordered the beet burger which came with a candy-striped beet salad on the side. So good! So juicy, so smothered in tasty vegan toppings…. Oh man, now I want to eat this all over again, too! This picture doesn’t even slightly capture the deliciousness here, guys. I wish I could have done it justice but I was too excited to dig it to be fiddling around with my camera for too long. The bun was heavenly soft. The patty was the perfect texture, moist and juicy and not totally crumbling to bits. (like when I make my veggie burgers lol) Topped with more beets and greens and dripping with tasty vegan mayo. It’s like being in vegan heaven!!!

Glassroots BBQ Plate |

Mr. Spoon ordered the BBQ plate which was creamy vegan potato salad, grilled cauliflower steak, cauliflower buffalo wings, and grilled stuffed cheesy zucchini. Oh man! I wished I had enough room in my stomach to eat both of our dinners! And then polish off the rest of the menu! Holy smokes everything was so tasty and actually healthy! We both ate a lot and didn’t feel like bloated pieces of junk after. I’m telling you now, book this place for valentine’s day or a romantic special occasion and you will be so happy you did. Because you can eat tasty, healthy food to your heart’s content and not feel like you need to pull on your sweatpants after dinner. I mean I don’t know if you can tell from these pictures, but you can tell from eating the food here that everything is made with so much love and attention to detail. It’s amazing.

Glassroots Shortcake Cookie |

So not being too disgustingly full (side-note, I’ve been asked this question before and YES vegans can get disgustingly full on unhealthy junk food just like omnivores) meant we could order dessert! Yay. This was awesome because the dessert for the week we visited was strawberry shortcake cookies piled high with vegan meringue and delicious juicy ripe strawberries.

Glassroots Strawberry Shortcake Dessert |

O. M. G. Strawberry heaven

I don’t usually go in for desserts but this was the good stuff. So light, fresh, airy and juicy. It was sweet and tart and fluffy and the dense shortbread cookie was just right. Amazing combination.

Chef Yoda’s food is out of this world. You will feel so welcomed and comfortable here. You can even bring your dog to the patio outside! Which means Shaggy will definitely be coming for a visit one day.

They even have a ton of amazing vegan wine options and a friendly sommelier to guide you through them. (Surprised that not all wine is vegan? It’s true!) Mike Fish, Chef Yoda’s partner and co-owner of the restaurant will help you find your new favourite vegan wine.

I seriously can’t recommend this restaurant enough. You need to go here. Now.
Like, if you don’t live in London, get in a car and drive there. Not joking. And when you do go there, send me pictures of all the amazing food you’re eating so I can fantasize that I’m eating there, too.

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The Beet Cafe

Beet Cafe Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl |

Mr. Spoon and I visited London, Ontario two weeks ago and hit up the London Food Fest

We had a tasty dinner in Victoria Park from The Beet Cafe booth – a pop-up restaurant that’s only open during festivals in London and run by Growing Chefs Ontario. Pretty cool!

I tried a Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl. It was really good and I felt extra healthy walking around eating kale and hemp seeds while being surrounded by deep fried food on all sides. (But don’t get me wrong, we had some deep fried junk and other snacks too)

Beet Cafe Menu |

Three choices of bowls, two sizes.

Beet Cafe Drinks Sign |

We tried a Booch ginger-flavoured organic kombucha. Booch is a local company in London.  It was really tasty. We’re totally on board with that kombucha trend – I’m brewing some in our kitchen right now.

Beet Cafe Sign with Pictures |

Mr. Spoon tried a pulled pork burrito bowl. He said it was very good but unfortunately had some cilantro in it which he doesn’t like.

Beet Cafe Pulled Pork Box |

What a fun night! Veganism is really catching on, there were plenty of booths offering veggie options. And of course, cotton candy is always vegan…