So Delicious Holiday Nog


Check out this tasty beverage I found at Whole Foods! So Delicious Holiday Nog made with coconut milk.

It’s actually really rich, thick and creamy-tasting. Just like the real thing – except I always found “real” eggnog vaguely nauesating. Probably because of the dairy and raw eggs which always gave me a stomach ache even before I went vegan.

But since this stuff is completely dairy-free I don’t get that gross heavy feeling in my stomach after drinking it. I really enjoy the taste, it’s spiced with real bits of nutmeg which you can see throughout the drink.


This vegan nog would be perfect for steaming up into a frothy latte with a hit of espresso or strong coffee. Or try spiking with a little brandy, rum or bourbon

It’s also perfect for drinking as-is and dipping cookies into. Lately I’ve been digging animal crackers, vanilla oreos and plain digestive biscuits. (I’m like a little kid who packs cookies with my lunch every day)

Check out this guilt-free holiday nog at your local Whole Foods or regular grocery store if you can find it. I was not paid or in any way compensated for this review – I just genuinely like this stuff and wanted to let you guys know. Have you tried it? So Delicious also makes a nice chocolate-mint flavoured seasonal coconut milk drink that’s really nice. Let me know in the comments what festive drinks you like to sip on during the holidays.


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