Seitan Ribs

Seitan Ribs Mise en Place |

Gather together a couple things from your cupboards and buy a bag of vital wheat gluten on your next grocery shopping trip – it’s time to make vegan ribs!

These ribs are made of seitan which is also known as “wheat meat.” You are basically going to be making “ribs” out of gluten that have a nice meaty texture.

You start off by whisking together a couple of simple ingredients, adding the gluten, and forming a strange looking loaf like so:

Seitan Ribs Loaf |

Score the loaf into “ribs” by cutting lengthwise and then into 1″ pieces. You don’t have to cut all the way through (it’s tough cutting through all that sticky gluten), but enough that they will be easy to separate.

Seitan Ribs Loaf Scored |

Cook the ribs in your oven or toaster oven for a few minutes, then smother in a tasty BBQ sauce and grill. I used a grilling pan to give mine nice grill marks, but these would do very well on an actual barbecue, or on a regular pan.

Seitan Ribs and Sides |

I went all in and paired my ribs with some freshly made coleslaw and potato salad. And some of Minimalist Baker’s Best Damn Vegan Biscuits which were seriously easy and quick to whip up.

Seitan Ribs BBQ plate |

Head over to Baked In’s website for the recipe for these tasty ribs. I also used this recipe for the potato salad (using Veganaise in place of real mayo), and followed along with this video from Brothers Green Eats Youtube Channel (which I highly recommend), replacing mango for some shredded apple.

Seitan Ribs Zoom |

Overall these ribs turned out really great! They are NOT mushy, they have a great amount of tooth to them and really stand up to a fork. It’s all about the sauce anyway, so buy or make a great BBQ sauce and don’t be afraid to try these vegan seitan ribs for yourself.

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