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Nuts For Cheese Board Spread |

Nuts For Cheese! A great vegan cheese company from London, Ontario. Find these ridiculously delicious cheeses at the Western Fair Farmer’s Market in London – and luckily you can also find them here in Toronto at Urban Acorn, Yam Chops and on the V Word Market website.

Margaret Coons is the owner of Nuts for Cheese and was the former chef at Veg Out on Richmond Street in London, which has been permanently closed and replaced by Glassroots vegan restaurant at the same location. (run by Chef Yoda who is also super awesome )

Nuts For Cheese Packaging |

We bought these cheeses 3/$25 at the Toronto Veg Food Festival 2016 which was on at the Harbourfront Centre from September 9-11 this past weekend.

Margaret was there giving away free samples of all the tasty cheese and was definitely drawing a big crowd. It was great to sample a couple different kinds (like the super “blue” – vegan blue cheese! how cool ) but I already knew before I even got to the festival I was going to have to make a beeline for this place and get some fresh flavourful cheese to bring home.

Nuts for Cheese Packaging Sticker |

Vegan, gluten-free and made from organic cashews

Nuts For Cheese Nutrition Label |

Each box also had an ingredients list and nutrition information sticker.

Nuts For Cheese Brie Packaging |

I just love the cute packaging! Individually wrapped in cheese paper and closed with a sticker, then tucked in an adorable wedge-shaped box. So cute, I felt like I was unwrapping a delicious Christmas present.

Nuts For Cheese Chipotle Cheddar |

Ta-da! Looks so tasty I could just bite into it! Love that chipotle smell that just hits you right when you open this one.

Nuts For Cheese Board |

Step 1: assemble a fancy cheese plate like you used to do when you were a cheese-obsessed vegetarian.

Nuts For Cheese Brie Sliced |

Step 2: demolish said cheese plate like the hungry cheese-loving vegan you now are!

(This may remind you of that time I had a hella good cheeseboard at Glassroots – that’s cause it’s the same cheese! Go try a cheese board of your own there and get a vegan glass of wine to go with it. And post pics cause I want to eat that with my eyezzz )

Nuts For Cheese Brie on Cracker |

Oh god, so creamy….

To the people who are like “wah but I could never go vegan I’d miss cheese too much!” – seriously? You don’t think you could eat this? Now you CAN go vegan because of fucking wonderful people like Margaret who make the world a better place with their completely cruelty-free vegan cheeses. Hallelujah!

Nuts For Cheese Board Slicing Cheddar |

Chipotle “Cheddar” flavoured wedge – “Bold and spicy. Marbled with crushed chipotle peppers in adobo sauce.”

Ohhhhh yesssss. Get that chipotle adobo goodness in my mouth…

Nuts For Cheese Cheddar Spread on Cracker |

Words are failing me right now. I hope these pictures are helping you to understand how fricking tasty all these cheeses were. Because I literally can’t even.




This shit’s on another level, people. This ain’t no nasty Daiya. This is the real deal for real fancy cheese lovers. You could serve these to anyone and they would not complain.

Nuts for Cheese Board Overhead |

Make an incredible fancy cheese board of your own with Nuts For Cheese vegan cashew cheeses and impress your friends! Let me know what you think of these (and other) wonderful dairy-free cheeses in the comments.

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