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You know when you finally try a little hole in the wall restaurant you’ve been meaning to try for a while and it’s like, totally awesome? You know what I mean. The kind of place where once you try it, you say to yourself “Why didn’t I eat here sooner?! I could have been eating this on a regular basis!”

That’s this place for me.

Forkful of Mixed Vegetable Roti - Indian Roti House |

Back in London, we had a cute little vegetarian/vegan Asian restaurant across the street from us that was the perfect place for dinner on nights where we didn’t want to cook, didn’t want to go out and didn’t really want to pay too much for delivery. We’d just call them with our order, wait 20 minutes, pick it up and $20 later we’re back in our living room eating tasty food in our sweatpants.

Of course since moving to Toronto we’ve been on the hunt for the same kind of place. Just a quick, easy, cheap pick-up dinner that’s close by.

Mixed Vegetable Roti - Indian Roti House |
So thank goodness we finally tried Indian Roti House on Queens Quay West.

Quick? I picked it up when the online 30-minute timer told me it was ready. I bet it was probably even ready before then.

Easy? I ordered online in like, two seconds.

Cheap? My vegan mixed-vegetable roti was $8.95 You can’t beat that, it was enough for dinner and lunch the next day (and a snack too, cause I’m kind of a small eater)

Taste good? Uhhhh, YEAH. Yes it did. We’ll be ordering from them again for sure. We both ordered our rotis mild and it turned out to be the perfect level of spiciness. Really enjoyable and flavourful without too much heat. I savoured every single bite and thought it tasted even better the next day.

I’m going to have dreams about this roti until the next time I eat it again. Luckily it’s not hard for me to get my hands on some..

Samosas - Indian Roti House |

Looks so messy but tastes so good…

I tried the mixed vegetable vegan roti and Mr. Spoon tried the butter chicken roti and we split some samosas. Sooo good.

Check this place out the next time you have a craving for Indian food, or just want a quick, tasty dinner on the cheap. It’ll hit the spot for sure.

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