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Grasshopper Restaurant. We went for Veggielicious and did not realize we went to the wrong location!

Disappointingly, the College street location that we ended up going to (and waiting 45+ mins for a table for after trying to make a reservation online) did not have any Veggielicious specials going on.

But hey, we were already hungry and kinda tipsy and waiting for vegan food so we ended up staying anyway.

Grasshopper Cranberry Chai Cocktail |

The cranberry chai cocktail was delicious. So at least that was a good start.

Grasshopper Banh Mi |

We got some kale chips for the table to share. They were good – freshly made and with a nice spicy kick. I ordered some chickpeas too but I guess the waitress didn’t hear me because they never came. We shrugged that one off, but too bad cause we all love a good roasted chickpea.

Grasshopper Banh Mi |

I got a “pulled pork” banh mi – Vegan “Pulled Pork” in a sweet ‘n tangy BBQ sauce; pickled daikon and carrots with cilantro. I asked for no cilantro cause I guess I’m one of those people who think it tastes like soap. If you ask me it just tastes super nasty and bitter, yuck. So I was glad to get it without.

The pulled pork was really tasty! I liked it. I would recommend this sandwich and get this again.

Grasshopper Portobello Burger |

The real star of the show tonight was this portobello burger! Burger “Wahn” (double Portobello mushroom with vegan cheese) with Chipotle BBQ sauce, served on a toasted multi-grain vegan bun with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and caramelized onions. 

SO GOOD! You haven’t had a portobello burger until you’ve had a deep-fried portobello burger filled with vegan cheese and caramelized onions. I will be recommending this burger for sure. I’ll probably be going back to this restaurant specifically to get one of these for myself. Damn!

Grasshopper Sesame Fries |

The sesame fries were also very popular. Regular thin-cut potato frites with a hint of sesame oil. Really crisp and tasty! Everyone liked these.

Grasshopper Quinoa Mac and Cheese |

The only disappointment of the night was the quinoa mac and cheese bowl. Honestly it was just kind of lackluster and way too peppery. The black pepper overpowered the dish and the sauce was just kinda meh. No match for my homemade mac and cheese sauce, that’s for sure.

Grasshopper Peanut Butter Blondie |

We also tried a Peanut Butter Blondie for dessert. Since we were so late getting into the restaurant and it took a while for us to get situated with food, it was almost close by the time we were wrapping up our dinner. We took this blondie to go and enjoyed it at home with some So Delicious Cashew ice cream Match made in heaven.

The blondie was really good, although I have to admit I’m not too crazy about desserts.

Overall we had some great food at the Grasshopper Restaurant on College Street. The service could have been a little better. I got the feeling that our server was annoyed with us for some reason, she didn’t come by the table too often and I got a STRONG vibe that she just wanted us to gtfo when it was 15-20 minutes to close. (As a former barista I understand the frustration, trust me…) We were definitely on our way once we realized what time it was but it didn’t help that she was kind of avoiding us even though we were the last table there. Not to say the girl was outright rude or mean in any way, but she just didn’t make me feel super welcome there either

Another thing that was annoying was that the website is NOT clear about having two locations. In fact, the entire website is pretty sucky. We decided on this restaurant after checking out the Veggielicious website and later looked on Google Maps for directions on how to get there. Google pointed us to the College Street location and their website doesn’t clarify that there are two locations and that only one will be serving Veggielicious.

I also tried to make a reservation online using their website and was told only once we got to the door that apparently they “don’t take reservations after 7pm”… That would have been nice to know on the website?! Not the server’s fault but dang, what the heck. She let us know that if we didn’t get a confirmation email then we didn’t have a reservation. Okay, but, we never got an email letting us know that we DIDN’T have a reservation either?? So that was pretty confusing and annoying.

However, all considered, I still had a good time and had a great meal and would go back to this place again.

Check out Grasshopper Restaurant and let me know what you think of their tasty vegan food.
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