General Tso’s Tofu

Hey readers! I’m back. 🙂 Sorry for the absence, but I had a little hiccup with my professional life and ended up finding a new job and then traveling to California with Mr. Spoon for a while.

I wanted to show you my results after following Minimalist Baker‘s recipe for General Tso’s Tofu. Which is like General Tso’s Chicken but made vegan

General Tsos Tofu Mise en Place |

Not too difficult to gather all the ingredients, the only thing I had to run out and grab was some dried red chilies and some sesame seeds. The seeds aren’t absolutely necessary but I wanted to pick some up anyway. They do add a nice finishing touch to a lot of dishes.

General Tsos Tofu Golden Brown Tofu |
This recipe is pretty easy to follow, the only thing is it’s kind of tedious. There are a lot of steps that go into making it just-so, so this probably isn’t one of those lazy weeknight dinners that would be good for lunch the next day. This is one of those impress your friends or date (or self!) weekend recipes that tastes super great hot and fresh out of the pan and not *as* amazing if you let it sit.

The reason for that is you’re deep-frying the tofu first to make it nice and crispy. It has a bit of crunch on the outside and is still soft and tofu-y on the inside. If you let it sit too long in the sauce it will definitely lose that crispy texture that you worked so hard to get, so eat it while it’s hot!

General Tsos Tofu in Frying Pan |

The basic steps are:

  • drain, prep and marinate the tofu
  • bread and fry the tofu until crispy
  • stir-fry with veggies and sticky-sweet-spicy General Tso sauce
  • serve hot! maybe over rice or noodles

General Tsos Tofu Closeup |

The longer you cook the sauce the more thick and sticky it will become. So gooey and delicious.

General Tsos Tofu Bowls |

Serve with or without rice and broccoli.

General Tsos Tofu with Sesame Seeds |

Add sesame seeds if you’re into that.

General Tsos Tofu |

This recipe turned out pretty darn good! Like I said it’s a bit tedious to whip up a marinade, sauce, veggies, and prepare the tofu but in the end it’s a great dish for a Saturday night at home. Next time I make this I’ll be digging right in to eat it so you won’t get any delicious-looking pictures!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think! It’s so easy to swap tofu for things like chicken in a recipe like this and make your own “take-out” at home.

General Tsos Tofu Bowls with Sesame Seeds |

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