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Is there anything nicer than taking a relaxing morning walk around the city? Not when we have such beautiful weather, that’s for sure. We decided to take advantage of the sunshine by getting up early and getting some errands done.

First stop – breakfast! I had some leftover “Free Juice” coupons from the last time we visited Fresh and wanted to get a nice healthy morning juice to walk around with.

Fresh Juices |
Mr. Spoon tried the Radiant Green green smoothie with kale, romaine, spinach, apple, ginger, lemon, banana and raw almonds. I had a Tropical Transfusion fruit smoothie with pineapple, strawberry, banana and coconut milk. The green one was way better! And sounds healthier. What was I thinking getting such a basic fruit smoothie? It was still good though.

Couldn’t resist the $2 vegan chocolate chip cookies on the counter.

Fresh Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie |

It was really tasty! And they snuck tofu in there somehow. I have to admit, yes, it did kind of have a “vegan cookie” distinct kind of flavour, but it was more or less healthy and that was exactly what I needed this morning to get my day going.

Blooming Cherry Blossoms |

We headed up to Robarts Library on University of Toronto campus to check out the beautiful blooming sakura trees while we sipped and ate.

Budding Cherry Blossoms |

Not exactly food related but it was beautiful!

Cherry Blossom Close-Up |

Too bad it looks like we might now get the usual spectacular full blooms this year or I would say everyone should get out to High Park or one of the other parks with a couple of sakura trees and have a nice picnic!

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