West on Queen St. W. in Parkdale neighbourhood is a totally bad-ass, totally vegan junk food joint called Doomie’s. I first heard about this place on Blog T.O. and was very intrigued. Vegan big mac? With animal-style fries? Uh, I’m IN. Those are omni foods that I’m 100% jealous of. I do not crave meat but I do sometimes crave disgustingly over-the-top crazy unhealthy food creations that are so bad they’re good.

Basically, what I’m saying is, if you ever invent a vegan double down sandwich, I’m game. And this place seems to have that same kind of attitude. In fact, you can’t even order a salad here. There are no freshly-squeezed, cold-pressed organic juices. There is no kombucha. There is only greasy, wonderful, drippy, messy, heavenly comfort food.

Doomies South in Yer Mouth |

I came here with my mum on a weekday night to scope it out. I knew this place was expensive so I brought the lady who taught me how to be frugal to come split an entree with me. NGL – we both drank water, shared one meal and left without getting drinks or dessert and with tax and tip (and our upgrade on the fries) the bill somehow still crept up to $25.76. Yikes! We shared and both felt that it was enough food (if I had this by myself I would’ve had to get a takeout container for sure), but one really hungry person could probably eat the whole thing. Especially because of the fact that it was FUCKING DELICIOUS!

Doomies Xtra Fun Philly Fries |

We upgraded from plain fries to “Xtra Fun Fries” for $5 – these were the “Philly Fries”, they came with vegan philly cheese steak style meat, peppers, onions and cheese whiz. Holy crap, this picture doesn’t begin to convey how good they were. Crispy, perfectly cooked, dripping with tasty grease.. The meat was great, they were piping hot……. Just, the best fries a hungry person could want. I can’t imagine how fricking amazing these would be if you were drunk. And anyone would love them. The whole point of this restaurant is that vegans can bring their non-vegan friends here and not hear them bitching about how “gross” vegan food is. Because they will be too busy shoving the food in their mouths to complain about anything.

Doomies South in Yer Mouth Bite |

The sandwich we tried was called a “South In Yer Mouth” – vegan BBQ pulled pork with pickles, piled high with mac and cheese on a toasted bun. Sooo good. As someone who’s been veggie since I was basically a kid, I have actually never tried real pulled pork. But I can tell you that this sandwich is damn good, whether it’s a perfect dead-on match for the real thing or not. Wowzers. It was very filling! Definitely comfort food. I loved the tangy sauce on the meat contrasted with the creamy, familiar mac and cheese and soft white bun.

I really loved the food at this place and want to go back eventually. Really, the main thing stopping me is the fact that it’s quite expensive (at least compared to the non-vegan foods being imitated). However, the quality is there to back up the prices. Everything is crafted really well, the taste is phenomenal, you can tell there’s a lot of care taken. Plus everything is totally vegan and cruelty-free, so of course that makes it worth it for me right there.

I think two of the comments on Blog T.O.’s website’s comments section sums this up well:

Jep Ingram ·

Big Mac: $4.99
Vegan Big Mac: $16
That’s it right there.

Anthony Campbell

$4.99 is the price of the item, but not the cost.

Google “the real cost of fast food” and you’ll find that what’s not included in the 5 bucks are environmental costs, social costs (for poverty-line wages and benefits), health costs, and animal welfare. Moreover, the more reasonable comparison, price-wise, would be with a Burger’s Priest burger or Holy Chuck burger–both of which also have environmental, social, health, and animal welfare costs that are not factored into their pricing.

Check out Doomie’s on Queen West and let me know what you think! I’ll be sure to post a sexy, greasy, messy Instagram pic of my food next time I’m there and I hope you do, too.

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