Inside of the Bay/Saks/Pusateri Food Hall in the Eaton Center in Toronto there’s a little counter tucked away that sells dates. They sell only dates and they’re damn good dates.

You can buy 2 dates for $6. Yes. That’s pretty expensive for TWO DATES, I agree. But these are apparently very fancy Sukkari dates, grown in the Arabian desert in Saudi Arabia and imported here to Canada. These aren’t your every day boring “meh they’re okay I guess” Medjool dates. These are their softer, gentler, “sweet without hurting your teeth” cousins that are more refined, more buttery, and I guess, judging by the lacy-lingerie-inspired looking packaging, more sexy.

I forget the rest of the prices and they aren’t listed on the website (probably so they don’t scare people away with how expensive they are). There was even a gold-leaf-topped date that costed an extra $1 compared to the others. But even if something is crazy expensive, I crave novel food experiences, and I’m willing to pay a little extra just to have a new little food anecdote to tell. So, I guess this is the story of “that time I went with some friends and bought really expensive fancy dates from a places that sells ONLY really expensive fancy, decorated dates that have punny names.” I’m living in downtown Toronto, so I might as well live up to the yuppie stereotype, right?

The flavours looked so colourful and cheerful! What really grabbed my attention was the Happy Birthdait – a date decorated like a tiny birthday cake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles. Not all the dates are vegan and some have honey, but they were all beautiful to look at.

Mr. Spoon and I shared a bite of each of the signature “Arabian Night” – Date stuffed with roasted almonds, coated with our signature tahini-peanut butter mix then rolled in crushed pistachios and a “Coco-Loco” – Date stuffed with walnuts, coated with our signature tahini-peanut butter mix, and rolled in coconut.

Both were really tasty! Our friends tried the “Don’t Be Chai” – Date stuffed with walnuts, coated with chai spice almond butter and rolled in crushed graham crackers and “The Royal” – Date stuffed with pecans, half dipped in dark chocolate then finished with a delicate 24k gold leaf — Add one dollar.

I didn’t hear any complaints.

Yum. Really good dates, with good ingredients, and I really enjoyed them. But that is probably the last time I pay $6 for two bites of date…… Probably….

Have any other hidden gems in the city? Let me know about them and maybe I’ll go check them out!

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