Magic Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars

I tried this recipe from Vegan Street, which I do not remember where or how I found. But I saw the picture, read the title and thought, yeah, that’s going in my belly.

Two Magic Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars |

I didn’t tweak anything in this recipe except the milk – I made my own fresh homemade cashew milk in my BlendTec and used that.

Magic Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar |

Those layers…. The base is like a pecan Larabar/Nakd bar made with pecans instead of cashews, the peanut butter layer is soft, creamy and peanut-buttery (obv), and the top is rich chocolate ganache with a salty crunchy kick from the pretzels. Exceptional!

These bars can get a little goopy and soft if they’re out of the fridge too long. I actually tried them after freezing them and thought the texture was a little better out of the freezer. Mr. Spoon suggested adjusting the peanut butter to cream cheese ratio in the middle layer. I don’t totally disagree¬† – it’s good as-is, but an extra punch of peanut wouldn’t hurt either.

Watch out though, cause these are very addictive, incredibly rich and unhealthy and you’re going to have a big 9’x13′ pan of them when you’re done! This would be great to bring to the office or share with a party… I have a suspicion that keeping the whole pan of these at my house is going to be quite dangerous.

Go to the Vegan Street website for the full recipe as they break everything down in an easy-to-follow way that I really couldn’t improve upon.

Overall, it was pretty easy to make, but required gathering a lot of ingredients. And it uses a lot of ingredients. This isn’t the cheapest snack, as it takes an entire small bag of Follow Your Heart chocolate chips, a full 8 0z package of vegan cream cheese and soft tofu, a full small jar of smooth peanut butter, a couple of cups of pecans, etc..¬† luckily I was able to gather some of the stuff at the bulk food store.


Try out these tasty “Magic Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars” and let me know what you think! I think these will be great for a lunch dessert at work (especially if you keep them frozen so they don’t melt and get gooey on your commute). I like to eat a great big lunch at work most days and enjoy a nice high-calorie dessert with my lunch too, so I don’t get hungry in the afternoon. Anyone else the same way? I have a pretty active job so I’m able to burn a lot of calories just going about my day most of the time. You could always cut these into teeny tiny squares if that’s not the case for you.