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Recently my mum and I (and Shaggy) were near Christie Pits Park around lunch time on a beautiful weekend at the end of summer and thought – we need to have a picnic in this park on this gorgeous sunny day.

Well, I’ve wanted to try Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu since moving to Toronto and my mum is up for anything, so we decided to walk over and get some takeout to bring back to the park.

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Shaggy and I waited outside on a small bench while we ordered a mild #6 from the menu – Vegetable Soon Tofu + Dolsotbab. ($7.97 + tax) It was ready very quickly and they brought it right out to us in a plastic bag with some spoons, chopsticks and napkins. Cheap, quick, easy, delicious – that’s my kind of food!

We found a cute little green picnic table in Christie Pits park and laid out our feast.

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Some cute graffiti on the picnic table. You can tell I didn’t write this because of the grammatical errors although I support the sentiments expressed.

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Oh god, this was SO GOOD. Let me just go ahead and stare at this picture for a while. In fact you can take your time and zoom in, here. It’s worth it. I’ll wait.

It was so much fun sharing all the banchan (side dishes) together. We had such an amazing little picnic! I can’t recommend this place enough and the fact that it’s beside a park and extremely close to the subway station just makes it even better.

Ready for some close-ups?

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu Bean Sprouts | thelittleredspoon.com

I believe on the left was kongjorim, or braised soybeans, which had a nice toothy texture. Almost like they were slightly undercooked. I liked this slight al dente kind of chewiness, my mum wasn’t as much of a fan. Regardless they had a great flavour that was savoury, sticky and a little bit sweet.

On the right is kongnamulmuchim, or marinated bean sprouts. These were really nice to add that crisp, fresh, watery crunchy texture.

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu Bap | thelittleredspoon.com

The dolsotbab (cooked rice) was great, it had beans in it and was tinged slightly purple which was interesting. We fed some to Shaggy with a little broth poured over his and he loved it, too.

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Of course the Vegetable Soon Tofu soup is the star of the show, here. It included mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli, onions and the most delicious soft tofu I have ever tasted. It was silky smooth, creamy white and had a melt in your mouth amazing texture. 10/10 would slurp that tofu down the hatch again any day.

The veggies were great as well, perfectly cooked, good proportions of everything, beautiful colours and everything was fresh and delicious.

There was also a raw egg popped into the soup which my mum slurped up. In the restaurant the soup is served in a hot stone dish which is very, very hot and continues to cook the food inside it. If you let the egg sit for a few minutes it would continue cooking, or you could poke the yolk and mix it around. If you’re vegan like me, you could just ask for it without the egg like I plan to do next time.

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu Kimchi | thelittleredspoon.com

In this container we had traditional kimchi which was super tasty and not too spicy at all, and I believe on the right side is musaengchae which is a sweet and sour shredded radish salad.

Can you believe I’d never tried kimchi before? I was nervous because I’ve heard kimchi can sometimes be very spicy, but this kimchi was very mild! It had a great flavour that was kind of sweet and spicy and pickled. Very well-rounded and interesting.

Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu Bottom of the Bowl| thelittleredspoon.com

I wish I had a picture of a scoop of that wonderful delicious tofu on it’s own but I was so busy scarfing everything down once we started eating that I couldn’t stop myself! Towards the end of our meal we ended up mixing everything together and eating with our spoons like a stew.

You will have to try this place for yourself to understand just how dreamy soft and silky that wonderful tofu is. Don’t be intimidated if you have never tried Korean food before – the menu is only one page and I doubt you can go wrong here. Just eat everything that gets served to you and you won’t regret it.

This place was very affordable, we were both able to share one veggie dish and all the side dishes (and were full after) for about $12. (that’s including tax and a tip)

I will definitely be visiting this place again and bringing Mr. Spoon with me, who loves spicy Korean food.  It’s very easy to get to on the subway, and you can swing by Apiecalypse Now on your way back to Christie Station to grab some vegan donuts or soft serve for dessert

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