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Mr. Spoon and I have been squirreling away $50 a month each for the past year or so and finally had enough in our savings account to buy the blender of our dreams!!

I was getting sick of blending lumpy smoothies with our tired old $30 Wal-Mart Oster blender that pre-dates our relationship. If you’re going to blend something every day and you have any desire to make your own almond milk or nut butters, you need to get a real blender. A grown up blender. A blender with the POWER to blend your vegetable-based cashew cheese sauce into velvety soft liquid and not lumpy mush.

Just so you know I was NOT paid by BlendTec, we bought the blender full price with our own money and have no affiliation with them. There are no affiliate links here. Just my honest thoughts.

This is what I’m talking about:

It took only a few days after purchasing a refurbished BlendTec Designer 725 online for it to arrive. Opening it was like having Christmas all over again! Better believe my eyes were wide little saucers and I was breathing heavily throughout. Pretty exciting stuff, especially after waiting for sooo long to save up for it.

Buh-bye! No need for this guy anymore. See ya!

I’d rather have this saucy minx in my kitchen!

Green Smoothie |

You obviously know I got to work RIGHT away and blended a green smoothie to break this baby in. Ohhhh yeah. No stopping to stir. No chunks. Just a super smooth, creamy green smoothie that went right down the hatch. You don’t even know how pumped I am to make copycat Booster Juice and Orange Julius recipes at home. Not to mention uh… literally EVERYTHING else I could make…

This thing makes EVERYTHING folks. Throw in RAW vegetables and blend on the soup cycle and you can have hot COOKED soup out of your blender!

After the blender arrived Mr. Spoon and I headed to the best Bulk Barn in the city (we prefer to go to John Vince Foods but it is far away from us and sometimes we are lazy) to stock up on nuts, nuts and MORE NUTS. Almonds, macadamias, cashews, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, pepitas, coconut chips, nutritional yeast, what DIDN’T we get? Oh man that was a trip and a half. I think I’m still riding that high because I have so much delicious granola left over and I can sprinkle that all over the heckin’ tasty smoothie bowls I’ve been obsessed with.

Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie Bowl |
Like check this out! An “Oatmeal Cookie” smoothie bowl topped with “Super Seed Granola” from the Oh She Glows Every Day cook book and dark chocolate-covered quinoa. (I’ll post more on the cook book later but suffice to say it’s frickin awesome!)


BlendTec Interface |
I really like the BlendTec touchscreen interface with the different pre-programmed settings.
You can learn more about this on Youtube or the BlendTec website, but basically from left to right you can choose Smoothie, Dips/Sauces, Frozen Treats, Whole Juice (this is similar to smoothie but more for stuff with fiber and peels left on), Hot Soup and Clean.

You can also just pulse it at whatever strength you want for as long as you want, you don’t have to use a setting. You can also see in the top left corner it will tell you how many times you’ve used the blender. I really like that feature because when you get to certain milestones it will give you a “trophy” and a code which you can enter into the BlendTec website after you register your blender. So far the first two codes I’ve gotten were for downloadable recipe books, but I’ve heard the more you blend, you could get a coupon code for a discount on the website for like, blender accessories if you want them. That’s kinda cool.

25 Blends Trophy |

Plus it’s just cute having a blender that talks to you and gives you little messages. It will say hi and bye with a little message every time you turn it on and off. It’s like a tamagotchi blender. It’s very cute and I was definitely swayed by the cuteness here. No shame. I probably would’ve preferred the white base over the stainless steel too, but we went for a refurbished model and there were only stainless available. Ah well. Worth it because we saved about $130 which was enough to buy a Twister jar as well (which we did).

I know some people are die-hard Vitamix lovers and I think that’s great! I think Vitamix is great too. In fact the base is probably a little more stable and I’m sure the tamper is helpful for some things.

What sold me personally on the BlendTec was literally just that I thought it was an equally good blender (the damn thing can blend a rake so I’m pretty sure it can handle whatever else I throw at it), but that it was a little bit cuter and that the blades would be easier to clean.

The blade on the BlendTec is a blunt flat blade that’s easier to clean and not poke yourself on anything sharp. As far as I know the blades on the Vitamix are in more of a star shape and have some parts that go up and some down. Ever so slightly more tricky to wash but barely a real problem. Also the BlendTec jars can go in the dishwasher which I wouldn’t do every time but probably will do once in a while for a good thorough wash.

Over all we are really happy with it and I’ll definitely be posting more blender recipes in the future.
Here’s a list of things I’ve already blended so far:

  • smoothies errrry day (green, oatmeal-based, fruity… all kinds)
  • hummus
  • almond butter
  • potato celery soup
  • banana “ice cream”

Here’s what’s on my to-blend list:

  • almond milk (actually all kinds of nut milks)
  • steamed nut milk (literally blend the milk until it’s hot and frothy like for cappuccinos. IN YER BLENDER) and blender hot chocolate
  • frappe/frappuccinos
  • cashew butter
  • savoury smoothies/v8 mix
  • crush ice
  • frozen cocktails

Now if only I could actually pour drinks into my Krusty Shake purse and carry them around with me..

I’ll probably stick with the adorable BMO cup my sister got me last Christmas though.

BMO Cup |

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