BBQ Tofu


BBQ Tofu!

People on the vegan subreddit have been submitting a ton of posts about BBQ tofu a lot in the past week.

The recipe is based on this imgur album posted 2 years ago with instructions on how to marinate and baste your tofu while roasting it in the oven. Check it out!


I made this tofu for dinner the other night and it turned out pretty well. Roasting it in the oven really gives the tofu a nice texture.

The BBQ sauce makes a perfect marinade. It’s incredibly easy, great for a weeknight dinner and makes great leftovers for work the next day. (AKA the holy trifecta)


Ever marinated your tofu in BBQ sauce? Roasted it in the oven? What’s your best tofu recipe? Let me know in the comments.


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