Apiecalypse Now Pizza

Apiecalypse Now! You may remember this bad-ass vegan pizzeria and snack shop from such blog posts as Apiecalypse Now! and Veg Food Fest 2016. Maybe you also heard of this place because they’re runner up for Best Pizza Place in Toronto according to the 2016 NOW Readers Poll – and that’s not best vegan pizza place, folks, that includes ALL pizza. They’re also runner up for best vegetarian restaurant in Toronto.

We went back for another visit while my (vegan ) sister was passing through town cause I love showing people this place, was craving that tasty pizza goodness and wanted to try the poutine I spied on their menu. I also reeeally wanted to try the Deceitball (Meatball) Sub on the Grains, Grains, Grains Menu but ended up being too full to try it all. Guess another trip is in order…..

Grains Grains Grains is a small sister-startup-shop inside of Apieclypse and offers a selection of vegan sandwiches that change monthly. The Deceitball Sub: Brenton’s slow-cooked organic marinara sauce, vegan meatballs, melted vegan mozzarella, on a buttered and toasted baguette. Optional pickled jalapeno peppers to top it off.
Uhh yeah I think that’s worth a subway ride and $8.50 to me. Who’s down for a sandwich and poutine pig-out day?

If you go to Apiecalypse, you gotta get a slice of pizza. Like, their bakery is tops, but you cannot miss these pizzas, people. GET SOME PIZZA. And some snacks. Just get some pizza, snacks, sandwiches, desserts and maybe a pizza to take home with you, too. Just listen to my wisdom here, okay?

Here we have (top to bottom): Reunion Tour, Fat Mac and Pig Destroyer Destroyer slices along with creamy garlic and ranch dipping sauces.

Reunion Tour: local organic tomato sauce, savoury marinated mushrooms, garlic artichokes, red onions, sweet cherry tomatoes, fresh baby spinach, house cashew ricotta cheese.

The Fat Mac: ground not beef, shredded dill pickle, diced vidalia onion, vegan cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, sesame seed crust, vegan fat mac sauce.

The Pig Destroyer Destroyer: house creamy garlic sauce, house hot sauce, hickory bbq soy curls, seitan-rizo crumbles, not-ground beef, garlic artichokes, vegan bacon bits, vegan pepperoni slices, vegan mozzarella, vegan smoked gouda.

Vegan Poutine: fresh cut yukon gold fries, Brenton’s famous vegan gravy + mozzarella shreds, vegan jack, vegan smoked gouda or vegan jalapeno cheese
(We went for jack cheese here. It was decent, definitely not that similar to a real curd, I think it was Follow Your Heart brand which is slightly soft and better than Daiya texture. Still satisfied my poutine craving though, next time I’ll go for a Supreme Poutine )

Vegan Mozzarella Styx: three battered, panko coated deep fried golden cheezy sticks, served with organic local tomato sauce dip. These were REAL crunchy and GBD – Golden, Brown, Delicious… Decent texture too!  They were great.

Aaaand after the three of us crushing all that food, we decided we obviously had to take home a large Fat Mac pizza for late night snacks and pizza breakfast leftovers… How could you not?

Unfortunately like 10 UberEats orders in a row got placed minutes before we were able to order at the counter so it ended up taking quite some time to get our pizza. But the people working there were SUUUPER nice and apologetic about it (tbh we didn’t mind that much but we were full and tired and ready to change into sweatpants), they ended up throwing in two free dips and another order of mozza sticks to make up for it! How sweet is that!

Reheating the Fat Mac pizza was a bit of a challenge, since we didn’t want wilted nasty lettuce, we opted to eat it cold and it was just as delicious. This was all in the name of research, of course, so I could figure out how to make us a copycat of this pizza at home… Then again my memory is already slipping and maybe we’ll have to get another pizza to do more research. Who knows how many sessions this could take…..

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