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Jessica The Little Red Spoon | thelittleredspoon.com

Hey there! My name is Jessica.
I live in Toronto and I recently went vegan after being a vegetarian for most of my life.

I work as a dental assistant during the day and I love my job, but when I’m not working you can probably find me posting on Instagram, blogging or eating delicious vegan food


I especially love salty snacks like popcorn, chips and vegan cheese. I do try to eat healthy most of the time but I do love some delicious vegan junk food now and then.

On my blog you’ll find restaurant reviews, vegan product reviews and vegan recipes I’ve developed on my own or tried from other bloggers. Many people ask me “what do vegans even eat?” when they find out about my diet – I wanted to start this blog to show my friends, family and co-workers that living a vegan lifestyle is so incredibly easy and fun. If I can do it, so can you!


Frequently Asked Questions:
Why are you a vegan?
I chose to go vegan for ethical reasons but I embrace all the positive benefits that a vegan lifestyle has to offer. I believe that eating a plant-based diet of primarily whole foods is the healthiest diet on the planet. I believe that raping animals to make more of them, raising them in shitty conditions and killing them for food is not only terribly cruel and morally wrong but environmentally catastrophic and unsustainable. I believe that we will see fishless oceans in our lifetime because of overfishing. And I believe that if everyone lived a healthy, peaceful vegan lifestyle, it would do a whole lot of good in the world.

Are you interested in pursuing a vegan lifestyle yourself? There are so many wonderful resources out there to learn more about veganism. Personally I love browsing YouTube videos, so I would love to share some of my favourite channels and videos with you!

Is your family vegan/were you raised vegan?

No, but my youngest sister recently went vegan and my sister-in-law is trying pescetarianism. My mother has always been a bit of a flexitarian but we were raised eating meat until I went vegetarian around age 13. Luckily my family is very easy-going and supportive so when we do get together now we eat veggie as a group. This is perfect for me because I’m always looking for guinea pigs to try my latest “cheese” recipes and go out to eat at vegan restaurants with.

I think living a vibrant, veggie-filled life and showing others how wonderful it is it the best inspiration for others to follow your lead. I tend not to discuss the political/ethical side of veganism unless other people are genuinely interested and open-minded. As someone who’s been veggie most of their life, you get tired of answering the same questions over and over. I would love to convert you simply by being an inspiration, not by debating about my lifestyle with you.

One thing I do love is when people are willing to eat vegetarian or vegan around me, it makes me feel very happy, loved and included. But I never explicitly ask people to do that – after all, I’m not trying to alienate everyone I know. I’m as INFJ as they come and I strive to create harmony in all my personal relationships.

Wait, you went to culinary school?
Yes, I took a one year chef training program after university and before going back to college for Dental Assisting. It was a lot of fun and I will never forget some of the things I learned and people I met!
Back then I was a vegetarian so even though it was a little tricky, I figured it out. If you are a vegan wanting to go to culinary school it might be a lot trickier for you.
I wonder if there are any vegan-only college-level cooking classes? Let me know in the comments! Learning how to cook from other vegans on YouTube is my favourite way to continue my culinary education. I’ve also seen some accredited plant-based online cooking courses but I’ve never taken any myself.

What do you even eat?

If you haven’t figured that out from reading my blog by now I must be doing a terrible job! I eat everything an omnivore would eat – I just make sure it’s vegan! In fact, I think vegans have the most interesting diet of all. Since going vegan I’ve tried SO many new and wonderful foods  and I have so many more things to try. I am absolutely NOT picky – I’m just vegan – so show me ANY food that is free from animal products and by-products and I will chow down, baby!

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Want to know more about me? My vegan life is an open book so ask me anything! Leave me a comment or send an email to jessica@thelittleredspoon.com

I’d love to hear from you.

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