7 Numbers

Choosing a restaurant to visit during Winterlicious 2016 was easy because we already knew 7 Numbers was an adorable, cozy little Italian joint on the Danforth. The boyfriend went here before a concert at the Danforth Music Hall in the fall and once I heard about how cute, quirky and awesome this place was I couldn’t wait to go back with him.

Sparkling Lemon

To start the night off, we got some cocktails. It was a cocktail kind of night and this “Sparkling Lemon” drink on the menu really caught my eye. Lemon, prosecco and peach schnapps? Sign me up, cause I had a huge thing for peach schnapps in University and this is the grown-up way to drink it that I never knew I needed. So sweet and bubbly.. I loved it and I made sure everyone tried a sip because I couldn’t not share it. Great start to the night and our bread and food came out really soon after.

arugula salad 7 numbers

I ordered the arugula salad with red peppers and goat cheese. To give you an idea of how sassy the menu reads – one of the things my boyfriend really loved about this place – the description for this salad was “The goat cheese is the dressing, can’t do it ‘on the side'”.

Some other gems:

Grilled shrimp with spicy pea purée – Who knew green peas could be this good?

Sweetgrass Golden Ale – Friends of ours make this beer. And we like it. I hope you like it too, don’t make my friends sad, drink their beer please.

Shirley Temple – Sure.

The salad was great. Next up were the mains and side dishes. I was impressed with the veggie selection here – all the side dishes were vegan and there were actually choices for me. Yay I went with the eggplant palmungiane but I could have went with veggie spinach and ricotta lasagna or a ‘heartwarming’ pasta and bean soup.
eggplant palmungiane 7 numbers

Eggplant is one of those things I usually just get at restaurants or with chinese takeout since the bf is not a huge fan of the texture. Plus, finding a decent one that’s ripe and taking the time to salt it and drain the extra water can be a pain in the butt… (Although now that I have eggplants on the brain, don’t be surprised if you see a ratatouille recipe in the near future.. Yum. ) Anyway this eggplant was delicious, the red pepper sauce with it was really nice.

I made the mistake of getting marinated roasted red pepper as my side dish as well. A little too much red pepper going on, there, the real side dish winner was the mashed garlic chickpeas that everyone else ordered. That would have been the perfect thing to go with my dish but hey, live and learn. Still delicious.

I gotta tell you, though, the real show-stopper came at the end of the meal.

Nutella tiramisu.

nutella tiramisu 7 numbers

Oh my goodness. Obviously the picture doesn’t do it justice.

People, I’m not even a huge chocolate lover. I’m not a chocoholic. I don’t typically go in for coffee-flavoured desserts. I normally don’t even like dessert that much (I have more of a savoury tooth than a sweet tooth). But tell me something is Nutella flavoured and I’ll at least give it a chance.

I’m so glad I did…….. You know when something is so good you just want to share it with everyone and be like “omg isn’t this good? can you believe how good this is?” But then when something is just on another level you kinda just quietly stuff it in your mouth and savour every. single. little. bite. all by yourself? I couldn’t bring myself to share a single bite of this. (Sorry, babe) I even licked the spoon clean.

I don’t think this is on the regular dessert menu but, damn, it should be.

Overall we had a wonderful night at 7 Numbers. The atmosphere was cool and cute. The servers were quick and courteous. The food tasted great and came out quickly. And the bill was completely reasonable as well. What else can you ask for? We would go back here any time and have already told a bunch of friends and family how nice it was. 7 Numbers restaurant on the Danforth has earned my whole-hearted recommendation, check it out!

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