Rolltation Sushi Burritos

Okay okay so I’m really late on this sushi-burrito food trend thing. But I’ve finally tried one from Rolltation at University and Dundas so I can stop feeling so behind the times.

I picked up one for me and one for Mr. Spoon for a quick lunch date during a work day. I was able to order ahead online and just pick it up on my way to meet up.

Rolltation Sushi Burrito Cut in Half |

I got the one called Fruity Tofu but there is also the option for you to build your own.

Tofu | Green Lettuce | Red Pepper | Carrot | Sweet Corn | Purple Potato | Diced Mango | Pickled Ginger | Avocado | Sesame

These things were pretty good!

Pros: you get to eat a giant sushi burrito. It’s filled with things I love like avocado, tofu, potatoes and other veggies. It was pretty filling but I didn’t feel gross after eating it, which is perfect for lunch (kinda healthy but kinda still indulgent is my kinda jam).

Cons: eating this WILL mess up your lipstick BIG TIME. In fact, don’t wear lipstick when you’re eating this. Don’t even wear your favourite shirt because you’re basically sure to spill everywhere. The ends of this thing aren’t tucked in on itself like an actual burrito, it’s just left open like a sushi roll which means there will be a big mess. Kinda tricky to eat. This is NOT first date food. Or even third or fourth or fifth in my opinion… Mr. Spoon and I have been together for 4 1/2 years so we are at the point in our relationship where we can eat sushi burritos in front of each other… but during the first like 6 months of our relationship? Oh golly I might’ve been a bit shy about slopping avocado and soy sauce all over my face while also clawing the dropped fillings from my sushitto out of the bottom of the container and scooping it into my pie-hole. Maybe you would be cool with that. Different strokes.

Also con: not cheap. But staying current with the foodie trends in downtown Toronto usually isn’t. With tax and tip two of these burritos came to like $30.

Rolltation Fruity Tofu Sushi Burrito |

Anyway I’ve gotta say, the sushi-burritos were pretty good. Aside from the insane messiness that goes along with trying to eat one of these things, I did like it. Although next time I’m craving sushi I will probably just buy sushi… But this is one of those things that’s just begging to be eaten once if only for the novelty.. And of course it makes for a great instagram photo

Rolltation Fruity Tofu Container |

Have you had a sushi burrito? Were you also reduced to scooping up the slop that fell out of your sushitto with your bare hands like a deranged drunk person even though you were sober in the middle of a weekday? Let me know your experience in the comments!